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La Liga

Floating House VFX and YETI Pictures, trusted me by assigning me to sculpt 12 soccer player's digital statues in dynamic poses such as tackling, shooting and more. Most of the sculpting work took 3 weeks ,and one additional week for minor tweaks and refinements. The basic posing of the generic models was done by Stavros fylladitis( who was also in charge of modelling the wolf and the rocks of the set), by posing a character rig that was attached. Once this was done, i took the models and sculpted, to fix deformations from the posing, give them a unique body, face, expression, and of course sculpting correctly the muscles, skin, etc deformations, according to each pose. The models then were given to Antonis Fylladitis, who was in change of Shading/ Lighting and Compositing and set everything up, for this lovely outcome. Everything was under the direction of YETI Pictures( Tony Zagoraios, Thanos Kagkalos) and Floating House VFX( Antonis Fylladitis, Stavros Fylladitis).

Final TVC